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Wallpaper Inspiration

Today, I wanted to share some of our customer’s spaces with our wallpaper. Whether you are thinking of having a feature wall, or going bold and papering the entire room, wallpaper adds a dramatic statement. Save 20% off our wallpaper through May 31st!

Leopard Coral Wallpaper

Our beloved leopard pattern is a best seller. It is shown above in artist, Sam Sidney’s bathroom.

Leopard Teal Wallpaper

And it is making an appearance above in interior designer, Kristen O’Kelley’s daughter’s room.

Leopard Green Wallpaper

And how fun is this entry way by Eve Interior Design?

Leopard Blush Wallpaper

We love this girls room by Dwell Chic, who happens to also be one of our stockists.

Bamboo Pink Wallpaper

Our bamboo pattern is another crowd favorite. How cheerful is Lindsey Black‘s dining room?

Bamboo Pink Wallpaper

And above in Diana Spier‘s hallway.

Bamboo Blue Wallpaper

Carolyn Burns McCrave’s pantry makes us happy.

Herringbone Charcoal Wallpaper

This stunning room by designer, Kristin Fountain Wilson, left us speechless.

Llama Green Wallpaper

How fun is our llama green wallpaper in Baker Tatum‘s store?

Brush Check Plaid Black Wallpaper

We love every space interior designer, Kendall Simmons, creates.

Bloom Blush Wallpaper

Our bloom blush wallpaper featured in Sincerely, Sara D’s daughter’s sweet room.

Bloom Blush Wallpaper

And above in Brooke Larson’s daughter’s room.

Rhapsody Green Wallpaper

We love designer, Amie Freling’s powder room with our rhapsody wallpaper.

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The Ultimate Guide to Countertops

Choosing countertops can be a daunting experience. There are so many things to consider. From the look to the durability and the price, it’s not always a simple decision. Did you know that there are different finishes to choose from as well? And did you know the finish affects the durability and look of the stone? I’ve worked with many clients to create beautiful kitchens and baths within their budget.  (Click on the image below to see examples of countertops from my projects).  I created an invaluable tool to help my clients when I take them shopping for countertops…the COMPLETE COUNTERTOP REFERENCE GUIDE. The guide covers the top 9 surfaces and even includes laminate…yes, I said laminate. It has come a long way and can be a good choice for a homeowner with a limited budget. I am now offering this tool to you for less than the cost of a cup of coffee.


  • Save you time – No need to spend hours online doing research…it’s all right here. And it’s in easy-to-read charts and includes a shopping spreadsheet.
  • Help you make the right decision – Are you concerned about etching and staining? Or maintenance? Perhaps you have a limited budget, making cost your top concern. This guide gives you the pros and cons of each type of stone so that you can be confident in your decision.
  • Save you money – If your countertop isn’t maintained correctly or you pick something you aren’t happy with, you will spend more money to fix, or worse yet. replace it. In addition, I have included a couple of cost-saving tips.









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Featured Retailer-The Market on Washington

Our retailers are THE best! We are so thankful for all of them-they choose to put our products in their shops and nothing makes us happier than to support our retail partners. Today we wanted to feature one of our newest retailers, The Market on Washington, in Clarkesville, GA. Here’s our Q & A with the owner, Jen Harkness.

CB: What is your favorite part of having your store?

MW: My favorite part of having my own store is having a place where I can truly be myself. I love not knowing what the day holds. I love having the freedom to create something new and exciting and express myself through our displays. I will never take for granted the feeling of waking up and actually be excited to get to work and create something that makes people smile. I have worked corporate jobs where I sat at a desk all day and could only dream about being where I am now, which makes me especially enjoy each little moment here, even if it’s as simple as bringing my puppy with me to the shop every day.

CB: Who/what inspires you daily?

MW: Inspiration is everywhere, you just have to look! For me, it’s anything such as traveling, reading, taking a walk or simply browsing the internet. I have so many folders saved on my phone of color palettes I’m currently liking, textures I love, materials I would like to use and even notes of how I felt when I was at a particular place and how I can re-create that feeling for my customers. I recently went on a trip to Paris so I am especially into all things French right now, haha! My customers are also a big inspiration to me, though they may not even realize it. It makes my heart skip when they walk in and gasp over something new that we have created or when they comment on our new products and say what a wonderful job we are doing. Moments like that inspire me to work harder each season and to continue thinking outside the box for ways to surprise our regulars and new-comers with what we have in store for them!

CB: What is one trend (genre/product) you predict will be big in 2019?

MW: I think two trends: Clean Beauty and bold patterns!

I think that people are becoming more aware and conscious of not only what they are putting in their bodies, but also what they are putting on their skin. Our Beauty Bar is filled with lines that are all natural, clean and cruelty-free. We started small, but after noticing how often our customers were coming in to try new products, we have now expanded and offer lines such as Little Seed Farm, French Girl Organics, RMS Beauty, Lola Jane Naturals and more! I knew Clean Beauty was something I was interested in, but after seeing the products on our Beauty Bar become some of the best sellers in our entire shop I know it’s something others are interested in, too!

I have also noticed our customers gravitating towards bold patterns and fun colors lately. I think everything has been so neutral and filled with greys and whites in the last few years and now people are wanting to add some pops of color (which is great for me, as I am basically a human pinata and always adding color!) One of the reasons I was drawn to your brand is your use of color and patterns. After seeing the positive response from our customers over your accessories, I am even more excited for your collaboration with Toss Designs and the Bamboo Navy pajamas and cosmetic bags. I know they are going to be a hit!

CB: What is your favorite gift to give?

MW: Gift giving is my love language but I don’t know that I have one go-to gift. Instead, I pay attention to the people I care about and what they love and I try to giving something special and unique. I think you can feel that when you’re in my shop-there is literally something for every woman. When I buy products, I try to think of gifts and items that would suit different personalities. There are definitely products that are completely me, but then there is also a glimpse of my younger sister, my best friend, my mama and the other women dear to me. I think as long as you put a lot of thought into a gift you can’t go wrong.

CB: How did you get in the gift/retail industry?

MW: I have always loved working retail. I worked a 9-5 corporate job for a few years and needed a more fun, relaxed environment so I would also work part-time retail jobs during the holidays for fun. I knew I wanted my own store someday so finally when I was in a position to leave my desk job, I started working at a small home decor shop in my hometown so that I could learn the ins and outs of running a small business. After a year of working there, my friend and the owner of the shop said that she was closing the Clarkesville location to focus on her other store in Atlanta and her new baby. I have always tried to live by the “If not now, when? If not me, who?” mantra and I knew I didn’t want the opportunity to pass by. So, I went home that night, prayed about it and discussed it with my family. The next morning, I knew I was ready and so I leaped. It has been so worth it every day since.

CB: Outside of your store, what do you like to do for fun with your time?

MW: Well, I just got a new puppy, Winston, a wire fox terrier that is so cute and so full of mischief so he is pretty time consuming right now, haha! Other than him, I love to travel and have some pretty fun trips lined up for this year.

CB: Your inbox…0 or 9,999?

MW: Oh gosh! I can’t stand a full inbox so I clean mine out daily! I separate everything into folders and the only ones left in my inbox are things I need to follow up with that week.

We love our retailers and seeing their shops. Be sure to follow @themarketonwashington on Instagram to see the newest arrivals and more of this adorable shop. If you are in Clarkesville, GA, be sure to stop in and say hello!

The Market on Washington
1358 Washington St
Clarkesville, GA 30523
(706) 760-5003

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Best Of (Volume 3)

The sun has been hiding from us, but we’ve found some bright, warm things to share with you in this week’s Best Of.

1. THIS rug, the WHOLE kitchen actually by @ilanasaul!

2. One artist that always inspires with her colors is Britt Bass Turner. (Think we might be onto a color scheme, that keeps catching our eye, too)

3. House Plants! Do you have any?  These are some really easy house plants to enjoy during these gray winter months.

4. This winter has proved to be a cold one. We know spring is coming and everyone’s ready to put away the cold gear, but we found these hats and couldn’t help but pass along…BONUS they’re currently on sale.


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ATL Market Recap

We started off 2019 off at the Atlanta Gift Show. It’s always a good time when we get to meet new retailers and vendors, see old friends and see new products from other vendors.  We were in Toss Designs showroom in Building 2.  We collaborated with Toss on sleep shirts, sleep shorts, and bags. We love the way they turned out!

Not the best quality image, but our product made the window!

Courtney and Jana setting up our display.

Toss had several other vendors in the showroom including this great necktie and sock vendor, Lazy Jack Press.

Miriam, with Lazy Jack Press, is entertaining us and modeling products during a minute.


We met so many great people and signed several new stores. It was wonderful to reconnect with old customers from many years ago and have them place orders to bring our new line into their stores again. Shows are energizing and exhausting at the same time.

Next up, NY NOW in early February. If you are a retailer, look for us again with Toss Designs in Booth 8404.






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Meet the Entrepreneur/Artist Series-Shelly Kennedy

Today we are featuring Shelly Kennedy, artist and shop owner. Shelly Kennedy is a published stylist, decorator, and artist. Starting in 1997, Shelly grew Drooz studio {} as a wholesale art business for 10 years- selling decorative accessories to stores, designers, mommies and Hollywood celebrities all over the world. Her custom decor has accented the homes of celebrities such as Rachel Ashwell, P.Diddy, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Dylan McDermott, Courtney Love, Kate Hudson, Johnny Depp and John O’Hurley. She now works from her studio – painting, designing, and crafting… focusing on licensing and creating original and custom work. Her exclusive designs have been sold thru wonderful retail partners such as Garnet Hill, Layla Grayce, & Land of Nod. Her work has been seen on the set of television shows as NBC’s FRIENDS, Modern Family, and Extreme Home Makeover. Along with creating traditional wall art, her designs have adorned such items as rugs, piggy banks, nite lights, dish sets, birthday hats, necklaces, growth charts, pillow and placemats. Her designs have been seen on the pages of People Magazine, Country Living, InStyle, Better Homes & Garden, Coastal Living, Rachel Ashwell’s “Shabby Chic” as well as many other magazines and decor books. With a love for beautiful spaces and entertaining her homes & studios have been featured by This Old House, Design Sponge, Where Women Create, Where Women Cook, Mary Englebreit’s Home Companion. She lives in her hometown of Skaneateles, New York with her husband, 2 teenage children, and her French Bulldog puppy, Lewis. A self-professed chronic nester, she can often be found renovating her 1896 farmhouse, mixing colors & mixing cocktails, and spending way too much time on social media. Over the years, Shelly has worn the many hats of RETAIL. At the age of 16, she landed her first job as a “shop girl” at a florist/giftshop in her hometown. After catching the retail “bug” she also worked as a Sales Rep for a giftware group in the Midwest, a Merchandiser & Display artist, as well as a Buyer for a chain of gift stores in Chicago. She then managed her own wholesale art and giftware company for over ten years.

From Kathy

I first met Shelly at a branding/gifting event in New York around 2005. At that time, Clairebella was a juvenile products line and baby products were the focus of the event. I was a huge fan of Shelly’s work and was really excited to get to meet her in person. Shelly was very gracious and we have kept in touch a bit throughout the years. It has been fun, following her on Instagram as she opened her brick & mortar gift store.

Q & A

CB: How did you get into the industry?

SK: I’ve been in the giftware industry for over 20 years! My first job out of college was for a rep group in Chicago at the Merchandise Mart. I had the entire Chicago and North Shore market. It’s then that I got the bug big TIME for consumer goods, creative gifts and decorative accessories.

CB: Is there any part of your work that has been especially meaningful to you or you are most proud?

SK: Currently at the shop I am very proud of my line of greeting cards-I love hearing the customers laugh out loud as they browse the card wall (most of the cards are pretty sassy and mildly inappropriate!) I try to fill a void in the “normal ” greeting card market-congrats on getting your drivers license, braces off and getting rid of that shitty boyfriend. Sympathies for the loss of your wisdom teeth, cat, and bad habits. It makes my day when a customer says “OMGosh-this is PERFECT! I NEED to get this for…”

CB: Regarding your art, how did you develop your unique style and how would you describe it?

SK: I originally developed art for babies and nurseries. Bold, bright, crisp lines, saturated colors-classic images with modern twists that look and feel carried through when I branched into teen art, home decor and gifts

CB: Is there any advice you have for people looking to make a living with their art?

SK: 1. Create daily. Sketch.  Keep notes, document your ideas well (I have journals over 20 years old filled that I still flip through from time to time) 2. Document finished work well. So much of the work of an artist is sold and given away-keep good records of everything! Makes sure you are building your portfolio along the way-invest in good photography 3. Research! Research! If you are looking to get into licensing-find companies you like-do they design in-house? Or license out? Who do they work with? Do you like the quality of their goods? Do they seem to promote /support their artists?

CB: What is your favorite part of having your store?

SK: It’s my HAPPY place. And I think (I KNOW) it’s becoming the happy place for others…(last year a very good customer was browsing in the shop. She looked a bit “down”-she explained that her best and longest friend had just passed and that she consciously drove to DROOZ because she knew just being there would make her feel better)

CB: What or who inspires you in your daily work?

SK: Just trying to stay FRESH and ahead of trends! It motivates me to always be thinking of my next idea, finding the next big thing-no time to rest!

CB: When did you notice that you had an eye and natural talent for this field?

SK: Always. I’ve always loved it! Even as a little girl playing with Barbies I have more fun creating bedding, artwork and lamp shades for my Barbie dolls (vs their clothes)I love color, design, interior design-all of that has played heavily into the development of my brand. Seeing my art and designs as components of an entire room or special event. The look of my art flows through into my own home, decor and shop selections. Bright, bold, fun, not too serious. Sassy. New and vintage, classic and vintage.

CB: How does your background as an artist influence the items you pick for your store?

SK: I’ve always been drawn to the small mom and pop companies-brands developed and grown by the owner; with their creative drive, blood, sweat and tears! I like supporting the little guys. I’m a little guy 🙂 Examples: Hester and Cook; Pure Home Apothecary; Curly Girl Designs; Clairebella. For my shop, I try to find unique, small batch, handmade items. I like trendy, current and relevant-but I try really hard to find things that aren’t commonly found in our area. I like pretty and practical-form and function!

CB: What is your favorite gift to give?

SK: I think a gift should be something you wouldn’t consider buying yourself-a true luxury item! A facial, a massage, a bottle of reallllly good Tequila or a box of super decadent dark chocolates

CB: What is a favorite book you have read recently?

SK: Latest: Profit First by Mike Michalowicz; Old Favorite that I’m always flipping through “12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women” by Gail McMeekin. Great stories and motivation and lots of little inspirational quotes through the book on the sidelines.

CB: Your inbox…9,999 or 0?

SK: 9999! omg.

at the store…

additional creations…

in her home…

Find more of Shelly and DROOZ follow them @DROOZANDCOMPANY.

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Giveaway Time

We are hosting a wallpaper giveaway-Win 2 Double Rolls, $380 value. It’s the perfect time to give a room a refresh before the holidays!

To enter: Comment on this blog post or instagram post for your chance to win. For additional entries, tag a friend.

Closes Thursday 10/25 at midnight est. Winner announced Friday morning, 10/26 via social media.


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My Home Office Tour

Today I am sharing my home office design. It is bright and cheerful, but also has dark elements which help ground the space.

I painted the doors a deep, moody blue. It’s almost black. It’s called Midnight by Benjamin Moore. The dark elements balance the bright colors and add a little sophistication, keeping it from feeling too juvenile.

I also took my simple white and chrome chairs and transformed them with decoupage, my fabric and matte gold spray paint. See that DIY here.

I found an inexpensive semi flush light fixture in a fun, geometric shape and spray painted it the same matte gold finish. Below is the before and after.

I have had this sideboard for several years. The color works well in this room and it’s filled with my design and art supplies like paint brushes, sketch books, knobs, tiles, swatches and paint samples.

Probably my favorite thing in my office is this beach photo.

When I can’t get to the beach, I might as well have a dreamy photo of it in my office. 🙂

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20 Stylish Large Chandeliers

I am not a fan of ceiling fans in family rooms. I know they serve a purpose, but it is very difficult to find attractive fans. Light fixtures, on the other hand, can be like a work of art and a beautiful feature in a family room or bedroom. Here is a photo of our family room fixture.

For reference, this fixture is 31.5″ wide. A fixture will look larger when you pull it out of the box and smaller hung from the ceiling. When in doubt, better to go larger than you think than end up with a too small fixture.

Today, I am sharing 20 beautiful, large (min 24″ wide) chandeliers.


Would love to here from you if you choose any of these for your home.

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Wallpaper Decorating Guide

Wallpaper has made a huge comeback and I, for one, love that it has. From subdued textures, to bold patterns, there are a lot of applications that can bring style and color to your home. There really is no right or wrong when it comes to wallpaper, but there are some helpful things to consider when decorating with it in your home.


First, let’s talk about accent walls versus entire room coverage. This is a matter of preference, but large scale, busy wallpaper can feel overwhelming in a large room if it is on every wall. Below is a gorgeous accent wall that my friend, Mollie, designed in her home. It’s perfect on one wall and doesn’t overwhelm the space. wallpaper4Source

And this is a room Mollie designed for a client. Again, the paper is only on an accent wall.

mollie180Design Source Photo – Jessica White Photography

mollie190Design Source Photo – Jessica White Photography

The following room is a great example of wallpaper in an entire room. This really works well for a subdued pattern (like below) or with textured wallpaper, like grass cloth.


Bold wallpaper also works great in a smaller space, like this powder room…


Or in the laundry room…



Think about how much of the pattern will show when considering scale. Also mixing scale size works well when designing a space. In the bathroom below, notice the large scale paper with the small scale floor tile.


Or the larger scale art with the slightly smaller scale wallpaper behind it, in this coral room.



I love to mix patterns! Again, there are no hard and fast rules, but florals or organic, free-form patterns go great with clean lines and geometric patterns. When choosing wallpaper, think about the other patterns in the space (tile, fabric, rugs etc). The zebra paper below works so well with the bold, geometric rug.


And in the space below, I paired my Langley pillow with my Bloom wallpaper.

Bloom Gray roomSource


Think outside the box for other great applications. I love this wallpaper with birds and clouds on the ceiling of this room below..


And how about this cute closet?!wallpaper10Source

The vintage paper on this staircase is so much fun…


And below are photos of bold wallpaper from my collection.









To shop this entire collection…click here.

To see our measuring guide, click here.

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