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Best of (Vol. 4)

Spring is here! We’ve got all things sunny in our latest Best of.

1. How perfect are these for a spring brunch?

2. “Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy” and these shoes on my feet will too. Get them while you can…they are marked way down!!

3. Our Pom Pom Pillows are here and we LOVE this one. We have a special discount code for our readers. Save 20% with code POMPOM20 at checkout!

4. How cute is this dress?

5. This swing for lazy afternoons on the porch. They are having a 25%OFF sitewide sale through 3/31.

Hope it’s sunny in your neck of the woods!

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Before & After

We moved upstairs a few weeks ago and today I am sharing some of the renovation. It’s kind of a “real reveal”, because these aren’t professional photos and you can spy laundry in at least one photo.

Here is what the old kitchen looked like before and during demolition…

We relocated the kitchen to this spot which looked like this…

My plan (which I tweaked a few times)…

and the final product…

We are still unpacking, so please excuse the dust, laundry, dog biscuits and shoes in these photos.

And the great room before & after…

I spy our fur baby.

And the master bath before…

We created the new master bath by also knocking down walls and using the space from the bedroom in back of it. This is now the master bath and my closet.

Next it’s time to decorate the house by adding new furniture pieces, rugs, wallpaper, and some fun color!

And the exterior front before…

And my plan (which I later tweaked and removed the extra gable)…

In Georgia, building codes don’t allow horizontal rails. So here it is today…


Landscaping and a new walkway will do wonders.

And our view from this porch…

I’ll share more as we continue to transform the interior and also enjoy landscaping the exterior.







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6 Swoon-Worthy Kitchen Trends

Today, I am covering 6 kitchen trends that are on my radar, while planning our kitchen renovation. See my kitchen design plan here.

1. Two – Toned Cabinets

dark lower1sourcedark lower2sourcedark lower3sourcedark lower4source

2. Colored Applicances

I am probably most excited about these! I am really ready to go bold here…at least with one appliance.

fridge navy source

I can’t find a price for this one, but I found a $12,500 Viking in navy. I have been having a tough time deciding on my lower cabinet color…navy, teal or black? The cost of the refrigerator might mean black it is! This Maytag  (below) is $1699.99.

fridge black1source

fridge blacksource

3. Bold Tile

To see great shopping sources for tile, see my post, My Favorite Patterned Tiles.

kitch tile1source

kitch tile2source

kitch tile3source

4. BIG Handles

Kitchen handles have gone super-sized!

long handles1source

long handles2source

long handles3source

long handles4source

5. Pretty Pantries

pantry 1source



6. Coffee Stations

coffee station1source

coffee station2source

coffee station3source

What are your favorite trends? I would love to see any photos of your kitchen that incorporates any of the latest design ideas!

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26 Kitchen Storage Ideas

As we are designing our kitchen (see our plan here) in our own whole-house renovation, we have been doing lots of thinking about what kind of storage options we would like to incorporate in our design. Today I am sharing some of the latest space-saving and innovative ideas from Houzz.


kitch 1 I defintely want to incorporate this next to the stove. What a clever idea! Source

kitch 2Source

kitch 3And these drawers for storing baking sheets are perfect. Source

kitch 4Source

kitch 5Utensil storage on one side of the stove and knives on the other would be great! Source

kitch 6I love this idea for corner cabinets. Source


kitch 7Source

kitch 8Source

kitch 9Great pantry organization. Source

kitch 10Source

kitch baking pantryFor the person that loves to bake. Source

kitch bakeAnd how cool is this drawer organization?! Source


kitch warm drawer Source

kitch warm drawer2Source

kitch warm drawr 3Source


kitch dish drawr 3Source

kitch dish drawer2Source

kitch dish drawerThat Union Jack wall! Source


kitch 11Source

kitch 12Source

kitch 13Source


kitch 17Source

kitch 15Source

kitch 14Source

kitch 18Source

kitch abcSource

I will cover coffee stations in a future post. There are too many creative options to add here.

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My Kitchen Design Plan

Our renovation is going to begin soon…I HOPE AND PRAY, and I have been busy planning and plotting the kitchen. It has been a challenge narrowing down the choices for tile, cabinets, lighting, etc. My problem is that I like too many colors. As an artist, I get to pick up a paint brush and decide what my palette is for that project. I work with different palettes, patterns and colors daily. When you are designing a room and you know you have to stay with whatever you choose for a long time…well, it’s kind of like, “Every pattern or fabric you design for the next few years is going to be navy fretwork. Enjoy!” I guess that’s what I love about pillows, paint and smaller accessories…you can change them out every once in a while to freshen up your spaces.

When most people renovate their home or buy a home to renovate, you see the ugly “before” and the beautiful “after” photos, all the while, the couple or family is living somewhere else…waiting to move in until the renovation is complete. That’s how it happens on TV anyway, right? Well, not in this couples’ world. We are living in our “before”, while we are waiting. We were going to live in a camping trailer that we bought, but that also need renovating…by my standards anyway. I haven’t spent more than a week in a trailer in my entire life, and that was when I was about 10 on a camping trip in Canada. Let’s just say my tolerance for that kind of living was probably higher when I was a 10 year old!

Below is our kitchen plan from our architect.

kitchen plan drawing

And below is the current kitchen…

before kitchen 1

before kitchen2

Following are some kitchens that I love…



fixer upperSource

fixer upper kitchen2Source

And I love this idea below! It was Trip’s idea, not mine.


For our ranch house renovation, we don’t have a formal dining area. We will have an open plan with a huge island and a large dining table and living area. This means that my beautiful antique china cabinet, needs to find a home in our kitchen. Trip named this piece Big Daddy. This is my favorite piece of furniture that we own. Trip likes to name our furniture. He dubbed another piece Big Bird, because of it’s color. I know that one isn’t his favorite, but I think it’s growing on him. Below is Big Daddy.

big daddy

I am using an understudy for Big Daddy in my rendering, because of the other stuff in the photo. So please welcome Mac Daddy!

kitchen big daddy

I think he was pretty close as far as size and color. This is the wall on the left in the kitchen. I am planning a small coffee station next to it. I think I am most excited about my kitchen island. I have always wanted a BIG kitchen island. Big Daddy is going to have some competition with Big Bertha, the island. She is almost 8 1/2 feet long and I think we are going to trim her to 4 feet wide. I have been thinking about what light I want over the island. When I visited Reese Witherspoon’s store, Draper James, in Nashville, it was love at first sight with this one below…

draper fixture

This interior designer for this store was Mark D Sikes. I think the fixture is a Lindsay Adelman, but I couldn’t find a definitive source. I won’t be purchasing this fixture, since it is a wee bit out of my budget. It is hand-blown glass. They start at $27,000!!!  I am thinking black, charcoal, navy or teal for the island and possibly lower cabinets. I know I would like a pot filler. It is such a nice convenience. I still have to design the wall on the right. I will save it for another post and include some great kitchen gadgets and storage ideas.

kitchen range wall

UPDATE – January 2017. Here is the final plan. We decided to go with encaustic cement tile on the back splash on the hood wall. The back splash on the other wall will still be subway tile.


I am so excited about how this is turning out. Love these Jarrod light fixtures from Arteriors. Stay tuned for the final reveal.

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17 Great Kitchen Island Lights


Today I am sharing some of my favorite kitchen island lights. For kitchen island light spacing, see my previous post, Kitchen Island Lighting Guide. I am doing shopping for my own remodel and it has been fun because there is such a wide selection and pricing for every budget. Too check out our remodel, see Our Fixer Upper is Happening.

  1. Rattan Pendant $493.50. Houzz.  Wouldn’t this look great in the beach house we dream of having?! I’m featuring this one first because a reader recently emailed me, asking about this. Hopefully they will use it in their remodel and we will get to see a photo!
  2. Industrial Pendant $580. Houzz.
  3. Newcastle Pendant $113. Dot & Bo. Dot & Bo is one of my favorite source for lighting. They have some really unique pieces and great prices.
  4. Admiral Pendant $990. Clayton Gray Home. This light is a bit of an investment, but it really is a gorgeous fixture.
  5. Sutton Pendant $161. Birch Lane. I recently used this in a new construction project. It’s a great looking, affordable fixture.
  6. Mason Wide Pendant $348. Clayton Gray Home. This hammered piece looks great with it’s duo finishes. It’s silver on the outside and gold on the interior.
  7. Mason Small Pendant $453. Clayton Gray Home. Also made by Arteriors, this is anopther option in size and finish.
  8. Globe Pendant $149-$289. West Elm. This pendant comes in three sizes.
  9. Parlor Pendant $447.50 Wayfair.
  10. Sweet Cherry Pendant $174. Dot & Bo. This modern pendant comes in five finishes.
  11. Pembrooke Pendant $1560. All Modern.
  12. Basket Pendant $1870. Clayton Gray Home. Another great option for a beach house. If you have a beach house, this price tag probably isn’t a problem for you. 🙂
  13. Canterbury Pendant $168. Dot & Bo.
  14. Lambert Pendant $428. Lamps Plus. Lamps Plus has a great tool for viewing how a light fixture/s will look in your room. See below.
  15. Volstead Pendant $275. Clayton Gray Home.
  16. Spotlight Copper Pendant $210. Dot & Bo. This is a mini pendant.
  17. Brinley Pendant $68.20 Lamps Plus. Also a mini pendant.

Below is the tool for viewing a fixture in your room. You can scale it and move it around. When you pick any fixture you will see a “view in your room” button below the photo of the fixture. It is very easy to upload a photo from your computer to check out a light in your space.

room view lights

Happy shopping! I would love to see photos of any of these lights in your remodel/build.


Need help choosing countertops? See our Guide!


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Kitchen Island Lighting Guide

kitchen island lighting guide

Today I am addressing a common question posed to designers. How many, how big, how far apart and how high should the lights be over my island? Okay, that’s really four questions, isn’t it? And the answer is…it depends. First of all, let’s throw out the rules! Instead, let’s think about what makes sense in your home. There are a lot of things to consider.

1. The size of your island.

The bigger your island, the bigger your lights can be. Think about scale. Currently, we are finalizing the plans for our remodel with our architect. We are going to have a large island (8′ 6″), which means we need large scale lighting. The trend used to be three lights over an island, but now a lot of designers are going with two larger pendants or even one very large pendant. There really is no right or wrong. It is about your personal preference.

2. Obstructions/view

If you like to watch television while you cook, think about how the lighting will work in your space.

3. The type of space.

Is your floor plan open or closed? If you have an open floor plan and a large dining table next to your island. Think about the fixture over your table and how your island fixtures will work in the same space. You want the fixtures to complement each other and not compete with each other. If you have an intricate fixture over your table, you might want to keep the lighting over your island simple.

4. Tall Family?

If your family is above average height, then you might want to go higher then the general rule when it comes to how high you will hang your fixtures.

The General Guide

The measurements that work in most spaces are to allow a minimum** of 12″ – 18″ on each edge and in between fixtures. The lights are typically hung 30″ x 36″ above countertops. Keep in mind if you are hanging lights above a bar height countertop, you want to make sure the lights are not too low.

Below are a couple of examples of two different lighting configurations. The first shows two larger lights.

island 1

**If your island is longer, and you only have two lights, as above, you will want to add more space between your fixtures. In our renovation, my island is just over 9 feet long and we have two 24″ wide fixtures set at about 28″ apart.

And here is the same island with 3 smaller light fixtures.


Below are some photos of beautiful kitchen islands for inspiration for your kitchen remodel or build.

studio mcgee 2

Photo courtesy of Studio McGee.

stduio mcgee island

Photo courtesy of Studio McGee.

fixer upper

Photo courtesy of Magnolia Market.

veranda interiors

Photo courtesy of Veranda Interiors.

mollie kitchen

Photo courtesy of my instagram friend, Mollie at Design Loves Detail.

ashley gilbreath

Photo courtesy of The Lettered Cottage.

brook w island

Photo courtesy of Brook Wagner Design.

house of jade

Photo courtesy of House of Jade Interiors.

Above, is my kitchen design plan for our own renovation. You can see the plan here. I am going to share my own island pendants and kitchen photos soon from my completed renovation soon. Follow our renovation here.

UPDATE…Below is a photo of our renovation.

These are spaced about 28″ apart because we have a long island and they need to be set wider to be balanced above it. More photos of the kitchen in the full reveal coming soon. Stay tuned!

Coming later this week… my favorite kitchen pendants.


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Swoon-Worthy Kitchen Trends

Today, I am sharing some fabulous kitchen trends. Kitchens are the heart of the home. From family dinners, to Sunday breakfast, to holiday baking, we spend a lot of precious time in this part of our home.

Trend #1 – Hoods

Hoods can add a lot of style to a kitchen and today, there are many different types to choose from. The kitchen below is just…wow. I love the brick hood. It add so much warmth to this space. brick hoodsource

And this simple, white hood with the rustic, wood trim is so clean-looking.

wood hoodsource

And how about this fabulous metal hood? I love how it adds more texture to this room!

tin hoodsource

Trend #2 – Open Shelving/Cabinets

Yes, I have a thing for white dishes. I love how this tile (unlike all-white subway tile) has a bit of texture to it. It looks great paired with darker grout to add a little color and texture to this space. The cabinet’s rich wood is so warm against all of the white surrounding them.

open shelvingsource

My kitchen cabinets are probably my favorite diy so far. I added wood planks that I made from plywood as the back which gave them nice contrast.

kitch open cab1See DIY here.

Trend #3 – Greige Cabinets

These are not grey or beige, but a subtle in between color.

greige cabsource

sage cabinetssource

Trend #4 – Gold-toned hardware and fixtures

I love this look and will definitely be adding this to my next kitchen design.

dome pendant


brass pendant


gold geo pendant


Amerock BP53010 Allison Pull


This last one is just because I love these lights and the kitchen.

copper pendantssource

What is your favorite kitchen trend? Do tell!



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