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Best of (Vol. 4)

Spring is here! We’ve got all things sunny in our latest Best of.

1. How perfect are these for a spring brunch?

2. “Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy” and these shoes on my feet will too. Get them while you can…they are marked way down!!

3. Our Pom Pom Pillows are here and we LOVE this one. We have a special discount code for our readers. Save 20% with code POMPOM20 at checkout!

4. How cute is this dress?

5. This swing for lazy afternoons on the porch. They are having a 25%OFF sitewide sale through 3/31.

Hope it’s sunny in your neck of the woods!

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Office Update

I updated my home office by adding wallpaper to a feature wall. The room already has a fair amount of color, so I wanted a neutral pattern. I love the way it turned out. This pattern and colorway are so versatile and could go with any decor. 

Shop this wallpaper here.

To see the office before wallpaper, click here.

To see the fun decoupage chair project, click here.



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3 Wallpaper Decor Ideas

Maybe you would like to add wallpaper to your home, but don’t want to commit to an entire room or too large an area. Today, I am sharing some great project ideas to inspire you.

1. Line a Bookcase


And how great is this closet?


And below is a mockup I did using our new, Le Jardin paper…

SHOP this wallpaper

*Note* – If you use our paper to line a bookcase, it is very important that the back of the bookcase is smooth AND that you first apply a wallpaper prep coat. We recommend this for wall applications as well.

You can find it at a local paint or hardware store or online here.

2. Create Panels



SHOP this wallpaper

3. Create a Reading Nook

Here is my vision…

SHOP this wallpaper

And here is a tutorial for creating a built-in bookcase using Ikea Billy bookcases.

If you use any of these ideas, please share photos with us!


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Getting Your Home Ready for Holiday Company

Maybe your powder room needs an update? Or you would like to get your guest bedroom ready for your in-laws. Today I am sharing 3 vignettes using our wallpaper to inspire you. Our best-selling bloom wallpaper now comes in a black & white color way. I used it in my bathroom. I have a traditional style bathroom with marble floor tile and white subway tile above the tub. The wallpaper is warmer than it appears in this photo. It is a really nice creamy white, closer to what is pictured in the vignette below.

Below I show it with more of a farmhouse style bath.


I love our new wallpaper, Elodie! I am planning to use this somewhere in my house. Probably laundry room. Stay tuned for those photos.


And lastly, who wouldn’t want a beautiful space to work in?

wallpaper/pendant/desk/wall art/bar cart/rug/chair

As always, we would love to hear from you and see photos of your projects inspired by us!



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Mudroom Tour

Today, I am sharing my mudroom. Half of the mudroom has been finished since we remodeled the house. We just finished the dog bed area last week. Having a handy husband is a blessing and a curse. He can build almost anything I want….but he has a ton of projects, so I have to wait for it :).

We decided to go with shiplap for our entire mudroom, to keep wall clean up easy.  I suggest shiplap or high wainscoting for high traffic areas. In Georgia, we have red clay and have had a very wet summer, so this room truly has been a “mudroom”.  This is were our two dogs go in and out, eat and sleep….at least when they aren’t on the sofa with us. Probably, my favorite thing in this room is the pocket gate that I designed…


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20 Stylish Large Chandeliers

I am not a fan of ceiling fans in family rooms. I know they serve a purpose, but it is very difficult to find attractive fans. Light fixtures, on the other hand, can be like a work of art and a beautiful feature in a family room or bedroom. Here is a photo of our family room fixture.

For reference, this fixture is 31.5″ wide. A fixture will look larger when you pull it out of the box and smaller hung from the ceiling. When in doubt, better to go larger than you think than end up with a too small fixture.

Today, I am sharing 20 beautiful, large (min 24″ wide) chandeliers.


Would love to here from you if you choose any of these for your home.

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Before & After

We moved upstairs a few weeks ago and today I am sharing some of the renovation. It’s kind of a “real reveal”, because these aren’t professional photos and you can spy laundry in at least one photo.

Here is what the old kitchen looked like before and during demolition…

We relocated the kitchen to this spot which looked like this…

My plan (which I tweaked a few times)…

and the final product…

We are still unpacking, so please excuse the dust, laundry, dog biscuits and shoes in these photos.

And the great room before & after…

I spy our fur baby.

And the master bath before…

We created the new master bath by also knocking down walls and using the space from the bedroom in back of it. This is now the master bath and my closet.

Next it’s time to decorate the house by adding new furniture pieces, rugs, wallpaper, and some fun color!

And the exterior front before…

And my plan (which I later tweaked and removed the extra gable)…

In Georgia, building codes don’t allow horizontal rails. So here it is today…


Landscaping and a new walkway will do wonders.

And our view from this porch…

I’ll share more as we continue to transform the interior and also enjoy landscaping the exterior.







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Wallpaper Decorating Guide

Wallpaper has made a huge comeback and I, for one, love that it has. From subdued textures, to bold patterns, there are a lot of applications that can bring style and color to your home. There really is no right or wrong when it comes to wallpaper, but there are some helpful things to consider when decorating with it in your home.


First, let’s talk about accent walls versus entire room coverage. This is a matter of preference, but large scale, busy wallpaper can feel overwhelming in a large room if it is on every wall. Below is a gorgeous accent wall that my friend, Mollie, designed in her home. It’s perfect on one wall and doesn’t overwhelm the space. wallpaper4Source

And this is a room Mollie designed for a client. Again, the paper is only on an accent wall.

mollie180Design Source Photo – Jessica White Photography

mollie190Design Source Photo – Jessica White Photography

The following room is a great example of wallpaper in an entire room. This really works well for a subdued pattern (like below) or with textured wallpaper, like grass cloth.


Bold wallpaper also works great in a smaller space, like this powder room…


Or in the laundry room…



Think about how much of the pattern will show when considering scale. Also mixing scale size works well when designing a space. In the bathroom below, notice the large scale paper with the small scale floor tile.


Or the larger scale art with the slightly smaller scale wallpaper behind it, in this coral room.



I love to mix patterns! Again, there are no hard and fast rules, but florals or organic, free-form patterns go great with clean lines and geometric patterns. When choosing wallpaper, think about the other patterns in the space (tile, fabric, rugs etc). The zebra paper below works so well with the bold, geometric rug.


And in the space below, I paired my Langley pillow with my Bloom wallpaper.

Bloom Gray roomSource


Think outside the box for other great applications. I love this wallpaper with birds and clouds on the ceiling of this room below..


And how about this cute closet?!wallpaper10Source

The vintage paper on this staircase is so much fun…


And below are photos of bold wallpaper from my collection.









To shop this entire collection…click here.

To see our measuring guide, click here.

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Our Mudroom Plan

Trip and I have been busy designing and planning our mudroom. On our list of items we want to incorporate:

  • Dog Bed Area
  • Hidden Dog Bowls
  • Dog Food Storage…are you seeing a theme here?
  • Sunny Window for Herb Garden
  • Coat Hooks
  • Coat Closet
  • Fun Floor Tile
  • Shiplap

I have been on the fence with shiplap. It was once timeless (and maybe still is?), but now it is such a huge trend, that I didn’t think I wanted it. In the end, I decided it does fit perfectly in our modern farmhouse (especially in a mudroom), so we are going with it. Here is an example of some of the tiles that I have had my eye on…


tile idea1source

And here is our floorplan…

mudroom drawing

And this is what we have come up with…mudroom idea 2

It’s been a lot of fun planning and I am really looking forward to seeing how it turns out. Can’t wait to start posting real progress photos.

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