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We wanted to take a little time to share some of our favorite things with you in our new blog series Best of . These are things that have caught our eyes, we’re personally enjoying & other bits that we just have to share.

1. We like (love) ourselves some leopard over here and can’t get enough of these fun shoes for fall! Have you tried adding any leopard to your fall wardrobe?

2. Kathy had a quick mini project in her pantry last week and found these great vinyl tiles to put on the floor. A quick, cute and cost-effective solution she found at Lowes.

3. Everyone’s decorating for fall and we are loving all these cute doormats that are being added to front stoops and porches.

4. Someone had a birthday this week! Cheers to Kathy!! And to birthdays passed!

5. Who doesn’t love a big box delivered to them?! Here is a sneak peek at just one of the new products coming this fall!

Enjoy your weekend!

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Meet the Artist-Shell Rummel

In follow up to our “Meet the Designer” series, we’d like to introduce you to Shell Rummel in our first “Meet the Artist” interview.


I met Shell a few years ago through our licensing agent.  We have never actually met in person, but have developed a long distance relationship through phone calls and emails. I have found a kindred spirit in Shell, and it is so refreshing to connect with other women that want to share the journey and lift each other up, instead of compete.  Shell has been a great cheerleader and I consider her a friend. It goes without saying that she is extremely talented. I am excited to introduce you to Shell, her fine art and her product line. Be sure to visit her website and follow her on social media.


Shell is an artist and designer. In addition to having extensive experience as a working fine artist, she self-produces a home decor product line that includes textiles, pillows and wallpapers that she offers to the Interior Design Trade. Additionally, Shell licenses her artwork under the Shell Rummel Brand to manufacturers for use on their products such as rugs, bedding, bath textiles, stationery and wall art. This well rounded knowledge of the business of art allows Shell to have her hand in all parts of the process from creation (painting a work of art) to designing (envisioning patterns on product) to working hand in hand with manufacturing partners to bring a finished product to life.

CB: Do you have an artistic style that you prefer and how did you develop your own unique style?

SR: My style has evolved naturally over time as I have been painting professionally for over 20 years. Watercolors are my chosen medium, not surprisingly, since the unpredictable quality of painting with water suits my love of fluid, organic shape and line. But I think I am best known for allowing the looseness of the medium to do its thing, while also controlling it in subtle ways. This juxtaposition of raw and refined qualities has become a part of my signature style, both in my fine artwork as well as in the products my brand designs.

CB: Is there any particular piece of work that has been especially meaningful to you or you are most proud?

SR: I am always proud to see my designs brought to market, either via licensing partners or our own studio efforts, particularly when my artistic vision for a product is honored. My artwork is at the center of every facet of my business, so my most meaningful professional moments can always be traced back to my art. In 2002, I was painting mostly tree themes art and was beginning to be well known in certain circles for this genre. But I was longing to experiment and stretch a bit, and found my eye always being drawn to the lines of objects, the way they flowed, in the ins and outs, the edges of things. I began a large series of modern organic “line” paintings that were a strong departure form my usual tree themed artwork. Hesitantly, I entered one of my new line paintings into a juried all membership art league show. The painting was titled, Non Linear Discovery and represented for me, at that moment in time, the importance of being my most authentic self, hearing and listening to my inner voice and honoring those instinct. To my surprise, I won the Best in Show award. This proud moment taught  me that departures from the usual are not only okay, but also essential to growth.

CB: Is there any advice you have for people who are looking to get into this field?

SR: Stay true to your own authentic voice and vision…you are in charge of the road you walk on. Be patient with yourself and with the growth of your company…It takes time and there is nothing wrong with a long journey…enjoy it! Take the time you need to replenish your own creative force. Be generous and genuine in your support of other women business owners…it only strengthens you!

CB: What or who inspires you in your daily work?

SR: Inspiration comes from many unexpected places, but more often than not, there is a connection to elements found in nature. My love of the ocean often makes an appearance in my work through color palette, line and texture. I paint what I feel more so than what I see and nowhere is this more evident than in my modern, coastal-inspired artwork, which tends to abstract natural elements into organic pattern and shape. My design aesthetic is a direct reflection of all that catches my eye, and my collections pay homage to all that resonates deeply with me.

CB: How have different social media platforms (ex: Instagram, Pinterest) helped or hurt your work?

SR: I was introduced to Twitter in 2009, in its earlier days, when one was limited to sharing a thought or idea in a concise 140 characters. I was fortunate enough to connect with a large group of artists, poets, photographers and musicians, and through this supportive friendship circle I honed my own unique online voice. Being part of this eclectic group gave me the confidence to share my artwork with a broader audience, which ultimately inspired the directions of my design business and helped shape my developing design aesthetic. I think that is social media at its best. I spend most of my current online time on Instagram curating my stream with content that aims to add beauty, inspire others, tell a story or make a connection. I share my art, products and creative process in ways that feel right to me and enjoy seeing the same from others.

CB: Where is your favorite place to vacation?

SR: It’s no surprise that I love vacationing by the ocean most of all…the slower speed, the natural beauty and the quieter rhythm of being near saltwater inspires the majority of my art and design work.

You can see more of Shell’s work and products by visiting her website,


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Meet the Designer Series-Kendall Simmons

We love supporting fellow artists and wanted to take a moment to get to know the designers we admire. “Supporting another’s successes won’t dampen yours.”

In the first of our new “Meet the Designer” series, we’d like to introduce you to the talented Kendall Simmons, Interior Designer. We first met Kendall when she used our products in one of her projects. She also carries our product line in her online store Salut Home that she owns with her husband, Kane.

We wanted to find out more…

CB: How did you get into the interior design industry?

KS: I was always interested in art and design when I was young. After high school, I went to college at the University of Georgia where I studied interior design. I graduated from college 11 years ago and have been an interior designer ever since!

CB: Is there any particular project that has been especially meaningful to you?

KS: Rooms designed for kids are always my favorite. People are normally more willing to consider bright, whimsical colors and patterns for their child’s space than they are for their own. So in general I get the opportunity to be more creative!

CB: Do you have a style that you prefer and how did you develop your own unique style?

KS: My style is colorful and eclectic, with an unexpected blend of patterns that most people wouldn’t combine. But, I think style is something that constantly evolves over time. If you had asked me the same question five years ago or ten years ago my answer would have been different. And I guarantee if you come back to me fine years into the future the answer will have transformed into something else entirely. 

CB: What would you say is the most fun project that you have been a part of?

KS: Well…actually it’s any project that is a personal one of mine and my husband Kane! As selfish as that sounds, it’s a totally different design process when each decision doesn’t have to be approved by a third party! I can run a little bit wild and try more experimental things that would be really difficult to get approved otherwise!

CB: Is there any advice you have for people who are looking to get into this field?

KS: I strongly encourage a design degree. And a few business classes never hurt anyone. 🙂

CB: When did you notice that you had an eye and natural talent for this field?

KS: Art and creative pursuits in general were always my favorite things as a child. And as I got older, I knew that I cared more about the aesthetics of things than most of my friends. And it didn’t hurt that I have an incredibly artistic mother who always provided crafts and activities to foster creativity. 

CB: Where is your favorite place to vacation? 

KS: Travel is my favorite pastime, and it’s what recharges my creative batteries, so this is always a tough question to answer! A solo trip to Istanbul Turkey is the most challenging and exciting trip I’ve ever taken. Thailand is probably the best vacation spot ever. And Paris is the city I could visit over and over again for the rest of my life and never grow tired of it. 

CB: What is life like working with your husband professionally?

KS: Of course it has it’s difficulties, but I would absolutely never change it. When you own your own business, you work all of the time. And when your husband and best friend is your business partner, that means you get to spend all of your time together!

Kendall’s work is inspiring…a fresh palette of colors and patterns to brighten any day! See more of Kendall’s work at and be sure to follow her @KendallSimmons on instagram.
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Office Update

I updated my home office by adding wallpaper to a feature wall. The room already has a fair amount of color, so I wanted a neutral pattern. I love the way it turned out. This pattern and colorway are so versatile and could go with any decor. 

Shop this wallpaper here.

To see the office before wallpaper, click here.

To see the fun decoupage chair project, click here.



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3 Wallpaper Decor Ideas

Maybe you would like to add wallpaper to your home, but don’t want to commit to an entire room or too large an area. Today, I am sharing some great project ideas to inspire you.

1. Line a Bookcase


And how great is this closet?


And below is a mockup I did using our new, Le Jardin paper…

SHOP this wallpaper

*Note* – If you use our paper to line a bookcase, it is very important that the back of the bookcase is smooth AND that you first apply a wallpaper prep coat. We recommend this for wall applications as well.

You can find it at a local paint or hardware store or online here.

2. Create Panels



SHOP this wallpaper

3. Create a Reading Nook

Here is my vision…

SHOP this wallpaper

And here is a tutorial for creating a built-in bookcase using Ikea Billy bookcases.

If you use any of these ideas, please share photos with us!


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Getting Your Home Ready for Holiday Company

Maybe your powder room needs an update? Or you would like to get your guest bedroom ready for your in-laws. Today I am sharing 3 vignettes using our wallpaper to inspire you. Our best-selling bloom wallpaper now comes in a black & white color way. I used it in my bathroom. I have a traditional style bathroom with marble floor tile and white subway tile above the tub. The wallpaper is warmer than it appears in this photo. It is a really nice creamy white, closer to what is pictured in the vignette below.

Below I show it with more of a farmhouse style bath.


I love our new wallpaper, Elodie! I am planning to use this somewhere in my house. Probably laundry room. Stay tuned for those photos.


And lastly, who wouldn’t want a beautiful space to work in?

wallpaper/pendant/desk/wall art/bar cart/rug/chair

As always, we would love to hear from you and see photos of your projects inspired by us!



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Our NEW Le Jardin Collection

We launched our “Le Jardin” collection this week and I am thrilled with the way it came together. It’s a modern, somewhat abstract, watercolor pattern. The blue colorway was where it began. 

I knew it also had to come in pink and then I decided to add a deep, moody background as another option. I love the way the pink pops in that option. I paired this pattern with simple, watercolor stripes. 

The blue and white would look great anywhere. The blue is a chambray tone, so it really coordinates well with other colors.  And below is a nursery vignette for design inspiration.

SHOP COLLECTION HERE. I would love your feedback on my latest floral pattern. And I always enjoy seeing photos of our products in your home!




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Tassels Are Here!


If pillows are a woman’s stuffed animals, then tassels are a pillow’s jewelry, right? I just launched sew-on tassels in the shop. I can hear you now…”But I can’t sew.” Never fear, no skills required. Well, maybe the ability to thread a needle and tie a knot in the teeny, tiny thread. And okay, the ability to jab the needle into the corner of the pillow. Maybe use a thimble if you are gonna take out any aggression here. We don’t want any blood staining the pretty fabric. Wow, how did sewing tassels turn into aggression and blood? I think my husband’s binge watching of Game of Thrones is taking it’s toll.

The tassels are 4″ long and come in 11 colors. Shop them here. As always, we love seeing photos of your Clairebella products! Please tag us if you share on social media.

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Mudroom Tour

Today, I am sharing my mudroom. Half of the mudroom has been finished since we remodeled the house. We just finished the dog bed area last week. Having a handy husband is a blessing and a curse. He can build almost anything I want….but he has a ton of projects, so I have to wait for it :).

We decided to go with shiplap for our entire mudroom, to keep wall clean up easy.  I suggest shiplap or high wainscoting for high traffic areas. In Georgia, we have red clay and have had a very wet summer, so this room truly has been a “mudroom”.  This is were our two dogs go in and out, eat and sleep….at least when they aren’t on the sofa with us. Probably, my favorite thing in this room is the pocket gate that I designed…