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Wallpaper Inspiration

Today, I wanted to share some of our customer’s spaces with our wallpaper. Whether you are thinking of having a feature wall, or going bold and papering the entire room, wallpaper adds a dramatic statement. Save 20% off our wallpaper through May 31st!

Leopard Coral Wallpaper

Our beloved leopard pattern is a best seller. It is shown above in artist, Sam Sidney’s bathroom.

Leopard Teal Wallpaper

And it is making an appearance above in interior designer, Kristen O’Kelley’s daughter’s room.

Leopard Green Wallpaper

And how fun is this entry way by Eve Interior Design?

Leopard Blush Wallpaper

We love this girls room by Dwell Chic, who happens to also be one of our stockists.

Bamboo Pink Wallpaper

Our bamboo pattern is another crowd favorite. How cheerful is Lindsey Black‘s dining room?

Bamboo Pink Wallpaper

And above in Diana Spier‘s hallway.

Bamboo Blue Wallpaper

Carolyn Burns McCrave’s pantry makes us happy.

Herringbone Charcoal Wallpaper

This stunning room by designer, Kristin Fountain Wilson, left us speechless.

Llama Green Wallpaper

How fun is our llama green wallpaper in Baker Tatum‘s store?

Brush Check Plaid Black Wallpaper

We love every space interior designer, Kendall Simmons, creates.

Bloom Blush Wallpaper

Our bloom blush wallpaper featured in Sincerely, Sara D’s daughter’s sweet room.

Bloom Blush Wallpaper

And above in Brooke Larson’s daughter’s room.

Rhapsody Green Wallpaper

We love designer, Amie Freling’s powder room with our rhapsody wallpaper.

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The Ultimate Guide to Countertops

Choosing countertops can be a daunting experience. There are so many things to consider. From the look to the durability and the price, it’s not always a simple decision. Did you know that there are different finishes to choose from as well? And did you know the finish affects the durability and look of the stone? I’ve worked with many clients to create beautiful kitchens and baths within their budget.  (Click on the image below to see examples of countertops from my projects).  I created an invaluable tool to help my clients when I take them shopping for countertops…the COMPLETE COUNTERTOP REFERENCE GUIDE. The guide covers the top 9 surfaces and even includes laminate…yes, I said laminate. It has come a long way and can be a good choice for a homeowner with a limited budget. I am now offering this tool to you for less than the cost of a cup of coffee.


  • Save you time – No need to spend hours online doing research…it’s all right here. And it’s in easy-to-read charts and includes a shopping spreadsheet.
  • Help you make the right decision – Are you concerned about etching and staining? Or maintenance? Perhaps you have a limited budget, making cost your top concern. This guide gives you the pros and cons of each type of stone so that you can be confident in your decision.
  • Save you money – If your countertop isn’t maintained correctly or you pick something you aren’t happy with, you will spend more money to fix, or worse yet. replace it. In addition, I have included a couple of cost-saving tips.









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Best Of (Volume 3)

The sun has been hiding from us, but we’ve found some bright, warm things to share with you in this week’s Best Of.

1. THIS rug, the WHOLE kitchen actually by @ilanasaul!

2. One artist that always inspires with her colors is Britt Bass Turner. (Think we might be onto a color scheme, that keeps catching our eye, too)

3. House Plants! Do you have any?  These are some really easy house plants to enjoy during these gray winter months.

4. This winter has proved to be a cold one. We know spring is coming and everyone’s ready to put away the cold gear, but we found these hats and couldn’t help but pass along…BONUS they’re currently on sale.


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Office Update

I updated my home office by adding wallpaper to a feature wall. The room already has a fair amount of color, so I wanted a neutral pattern. I love the way it turned out. This pattern and colorway are so versatile and could go with any decor. 

Shop this wallpaper here.

To see the office before wallpaper, click here.

To see the fun decoupage chair project, click here.



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3 Wallpaper Decor Ideas

Maybe you would like to add wallpaper to your home, but don’t want to commit to an entire room or too large an area. Today, I am sharing some great project ideas to inspire you.

1. Line a Bookcase


And how great is this closet?


And below is a mockup I did using our new, Le Jardin paper…

SHOP this wallpaper

*Note* – If you use our paper to line a bookcase, it is very important that the back of the bookcase is smooth AND that you first apply a wallpaper prep coat. We recommend this for wall applications as well.

You can find it at a local paint or hardware store or online here.

2. Create Panels



SHOP this wallpaper

3. Create a Reading Nook

Here is my vision…

SHOP this wallpaper

And here is a tutorial for creating a built-in bookcase using Ikea Billy bookcases.

If you use any of these ideas, please share photos with us!


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Getting Your Home Ready for Holiday Company

Maybe your powder room needs an update? Or you would like to get your guest bedroom ready for your in-laws. Today I am sharing 3 vignettes using our wallpaper to inspire you. Our best-selling bloom wallpaper now comes in a black & white color way. I used it in my bathroom. I have a traditional style bathroom with marble floor tile and white subway tile above the tub. The wallpaper is warmer than it appears in this photo. It is a really nice creamy white, closer to what is pictured in the vignette below.

Below I show it with more of a farmhouse style bath.


I love our new wallpaper, Elodie! I am planning to use this somewhere in my house. Probably laundry room. Stay tuned for those photos.


And lastly, who wouldn’t want a beautiful space to work in?

wallpaper/pendant/desk/wall art/bar cart/rug/chair

As always, we would love to hear from you and see photos of your projects inspired by us!



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Our NEW Le Jardin Collection

We launched our “Le Jardin” collection this week and I am thrilled with the way it came together. It’s a modern, somewhat abstract, watercolor pattern. The blue colorway was where it began. 

I knew it also had to come in pink and then I decided to add a deep, moody background as another option. I love the way the pink pops in that option. I paired this pattern with simple, watercolor stripes. 

The blue and white would look great anywhere. The blue is a chambray tone, so it really coordinates well with other colors.  And below is a nursery vignette for design inspiration.

SHOP COLLECTION HERE. I would love your feedback on my latest floral pattern. And I always enjoy seeing photos of our products in your home!




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Tassels Are Here!


If pillows are a woman’s stuffed animals, then tassels are a pillow’s jewelry, right? I just launched sew-on tassels in the shop. I can hear you now…”But I can’t sew.” Never fear, no skills required. Well, maybe the ability to thread a needle and tie a knot in the teeny, tiny thread. And okay, the ability to jab the needle into the corner of the pillow. Maybe use a thimble if you are gonna take out any aggression here. We don’t want any blood staining the pretty fabric. Wow, how did sewing tassels turn into aggression and blood? I think my husband’s binge watching of Game of Thrones is taking it’s toll.

The tassels are 4″ long and come in 11 colors. Shop them here. As always, we love seeing photos of your Clairebella products! Please tag us if you share on social media.

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Mudroom Tour

Today, I am sharing my mudroom. Half of the mudroom has been finished since we remodeled the house. We just finished the dog bed area last week. Having a handy husband is a blessing and a curse. He can build almost anything I want….but he has a ton of projects, so I have to wait for it :).

We decided to go with shiplap for our entire mudroom, to keep wall clean up easy.  I suggest shiplap or high wainscoting for high traffic areas. In Georgia, we have red clay and have had a very wet summer, so this room truly has been a “mudroom”.  This is were our two dogs go in and out, eat and sleep….at least when they aren’t on the sofa with us. Probably, my favorite thing in this room is the pocket gate that I designed…


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DIY Chair Makeover

Today I am sharing the DIY makeover I did on my office chairs. I followed the instructions that HGTV magazine gave when they used my brushstrokes fabric for a chair that is very similar to mine.

I have had these chairs for several years and thought they would be great in my new home office. I don’t have a lot of physical files anymore (since everything is digital) and wanted to get away from having a big, bulky desk. I already had a round, Ikea table and these two chairs are a perfect addition to my office chair as extra seating.

Here is a photo of two chairs, one untouched and one finished…

If you are looking for this style of chair, I just found some online at Overstock for $48.99…

And I happen to know a great source for fabric ;). You need to chose medium to heavy weight fabric. Lightweight fabrics, like quilting fabric for example,  will be much harder to work with and to smooth out. 

Save 20% on my fabric with code DIYCHAIR. 🙂 SHOP HERE.


1. Unscrew the legs from the chair and spray paint them (if you desire). I used Rustoleum that I purchased at Lowes. 

I think this was the can? Sorry, my tidy husband threw it away and I forgot to take the photo. Interestingly, I remember the actual paint color looked nothing like the lid. It was more matte and not bright yellow gold. Your local Lowes should have a place to test the paint in the store.

2. Apply decoupage glue to the chair. I bought mine at Michaels, but any local craft store should carry it. One larger bottle (16 oz) covered two chairs. 

3. Apply fabric to the front of chair and smooth out as you glue it down. My fabric had a pattern that I wanted to center to the chair. Plan accordingly, if you want to center the fabric.

4. Apply 2-3 coats of decoupage glue on top of the fabric, waiting 30 minutes between coats.

5. Repeat these steps on the back. I cut my fabric and wrapped it just underneath, to ensure the chair was visually fully wrapped in the fabric.

6. After it is dry, trim the extra fabric at the edge with a utility knife.

7. Reattach the legs.

I love the extra step of painting the legs gold. Here they are in my office…

Click here to see my entire office tour.