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The Ultimate Guide to Countertops

Choosing countertops can be a daunting experience. There are so many things to consider. From the look to the durability and the price, it’s not always a simple decision. Did you know that there are different finishes to choose from as well? And did you know the finish affects the durability and look of the stone? I’ve worked with many clients to create beautiful kitchens and baths within their budget.Β  (Click on the image below to see examples of countertops from my projects).Β  I created an invaluable tool to help my clients when I take them shopping for countertops…the COMPLETE COUNTERTOP REFERENCE GUIDE. The guide covers the top 9 surfaces and even includes laminate…yes, I said laminate. It has come a long way and can be a good choice for a homeowner with a limited budget. I am now offering this tool to you for less than the cost of a cup of coffee.


  • Save you time – No need to spend hours online doing research…it’s all right here. And it’s in easy-to-read charts and includes a shopping spreadsheet.
  • Help you make the right decisionΒ – Are you concerned about etching and staining? Or maintenance? Perhaps you have a limited budget, making cost your top concern. This guide gives you the pros and cons of each type of stone so that you can be confident in your decision.
  • Save you money – If your countertop isn’t maintained correctly or you pick something you aren’t happy with, you will spend more money to fix, or worse yet. replace it. In addition, I have included a couple of cost-saving tips.