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Meet the Artist-Teil Duncan

We have been captivated with Teil Duncan’s artwork (another Instagram find) and had to share her with you in one of our “Meet the Artist” introductions. We love the story she tells with her paintbrush and wanted to know more about the artist behind the gorgeous work.

A little business…

CB: When did you notice that you had an eye and natural artistic talent?

TD: At a young age, my mom noticed the time I spent drawing, so she enrolled me in art classes after school for several years. When I reached high school, my art teacher, Mr. Robert Dozier, expressed a confidence in me and that lead me to pursue it even further.

CB: How did you develop your unique style and how would you describe it?

TD: Over the years of practice! I think a style can only emerge after dabbling in your craft for a long period of time, emulating artwork that you love, until one day your artistic “fingerprint” naturally develops.

CB: How or what do you to get started on a piece?

TD: I usually reference a photograph. Whatever subject I am thinking of taking on, I like to take advantage of the lighting and capture it in various angles. I refer to the photo with my paintbrush, then take many liberties manipulating the color palette and layering intuitive marks to build interest.

CB: Is there any advice you have for people looking to make a living with their art?

TD: Yes. Don’t hurry the process. Take the time to experiment. Don’t force something to work for the sake of gaining a social media presence. Put in the private hours of grinding and development. Seek out respected artists for feedback and affirmation as to whether this is a path worth pursuing for you specifically.

CB: What or who inspires you in your daily work?

TD: I love browsing through other well done artwork. Not only witnessing successful paintings is inspiring, but to see any craft pushed to its utmost potential is moving for me. A well-decorated space, a delicious meal, a song with a captivating beat; that pushes me to sharpen my product to its fullest potential.

CB: Is there any piece of work that has been especially meaningful to you or you are most proud?

TD: I am currently excited about my latest works on paper: my last figure collection and Charleston collection. The acrylic medium took on a different form on paper rather than birchwood and brought a new pulse of energy that makes me want to create more!

A little personal…

CB: What is a favorite book you have read recently?

TD: I just read The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom for the fourth time. It’s worth reading every few years. Talk about inspiration!! It’s a story that took place during the holocaust of a family overcoming the darkest circumstances through their faith in Jesus. Highly recommend.

CB: Where is your favorite place to vacation?

TD: Hard to say. Probably Cashiers, NC. Something about that place tugs at my heartstrings. I love the mountain air, the antiquing, fireplace at night, coffee in the morning. Pockets of charm everywhere and only a few hours away.

CB: Your in box…9,999 or 0?

TD: Shamefully 9,999-in my personal email that is. Business email, 0-no thanks to me:-)


Find more of Teil Duncan’s work and her new, coffee table book, on her websiteΒ and be sure to followΒ @teilart.