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Meet the Artist-Chambers Austelle

In this “Meet the Artist” series, we’d like to introduce you to Chambers Austelle. Chambers caught our eye on Instagram where we first saw her art. Her style and perspective are unique, making her portraits stunning. You definitely want to take a moment to look and study her pieces. We wanted to know more about Chambers and share her art with you!

Down to business…

CB: Regarding your art, how did you develop your unique style and how would you describe it?

CA: In college (CofC) my concentration was photography and I lived in the darkroom. Funny enough, I never photographed people. The images I would capture however were all about telling people’s stories, whether it was their home, personal items or a place. After I graduated, I switched my focus to painting. (Why? Working in a darkroom with film is incredibly expensive and I had always felt like I would end up being a painter, so I put all of my energy into painting) At first, I had no idea how to translate my ideas and thoughts through this new medium. I painted any and everything I could think of. At one point, I painted a portrait and everything kind of clicked, and I started painting in a way that was more of a personal investigation. As far as my style, it’s hard to explain how it developed, other than through practice, because so much of it is innate.

CB: When did you notice that you had an eye and natural artistic talent?

CA: Creating has always been a part of my life. I think you start realizing something is there when other people start telling you. As a child, you just do, and never really think about it. I’ve been lucky to have an amazing support system that always encouraged me artistically.

CB: What or who inspire you in your daily work?

CA: I am visual in every aspect of life. I notice everything and am often inspired by random pairings of objects and things I see throughout the day.

CB: Is there any advice you have for people looking to make a living with their art?

CA: First and foremost, believe in yourself and surround yourself with people that share that faith and encourage you. Reach out to people who you admire, do your research and remember, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day.’ Perseverance is key!

CB: How or what do you do to get started on a piece?

CA: It really all depends on what has inspired that piece. Sometimes I start with a color scheme, other times the background or the subject.

CB: Is there any piece of work that has been especially meaningful to you or you are most proud?

CA: I think I’m most proud of new body’s of work. It sounds cliche`, but no matter how much you create, it’s always scary pushing the envelope and trying something new.

A little personal…

CB: What’s your favorite part of Thanksgiving?

CA: That’s easy! Green. Bean. Casserole!!

CB: Your inbox…9,999 or 0?

CA: Ha! Not 0, so I guess I’ll have to go with 9,999 (It’s 453 exact:)).

See more of Chamber’s work at her website.