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DIY Chair Makeover

Today I am sharing the DIY makeover I did on my office chairs. I followed the instructions that HGTV magazine gave when they used my brushstrokes fabric for a chair that is very similar to mine.

I have had these chairs for several years and thought they would be great in my new home office. I don’t have a lot of physical files anymore (since everything is digital) and wanted to get away from having a big, bulky desk. I already had a round, Ikea table and these two chairs are a perfect addition to my office chair as extra seating.

Here is a photo of two chairs, one untouched and one finished…

If you are looking for this style of chair, I just found some online at Overstock for $48.99…

And I happen to know a great source for fabric ;). You need to chose medium to heavy weight fabric. Lightweight fabrics, like quilting fabric for example,  will be much harder to work with and to smooth out. 

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1. Unscrew the legs from the chair and spray paint them (if you desire). I used Rustoleum that I purchased at Lowes. 

I think this was the can? Sorry, my tidy husband threw it away and I forgot to take the photo. Interestingly, I remember the actual paint color looked nothing like the lid. It was more matte and not bright yellow gold. Your local Lowes should have a place to test the paint in the store.

2. Apply decoupage glue to the chair. I bought mine at Michaels, but any local craft store should carry it. One larger bottle (16 oz) covered two chairs. 

3. Apply fabric to the front of chair and smooth out as you glue it down. My fabric had a pattern that I wanted to center to the chair. Plan accordingly, if you want to center the fabric.

4. Apply 2-3 coats of decoupage glue on top of the fabric, waiting 30 minutes between coats.

5. Repeat these steps on the back. I cut my fabric and wrapped it just underneath, to ensure the chair was visually fully wrapped in the fabric.

6. After it is dry, trim the extra fabric at the edge with a utility knife.

7. Reattach the legs.

I love the extra step of painting the legs gold. Here they are in my office…

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